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MidwestFit prides itself in providing our community and the Health, Fitness, and Wellness industry with the most accurate and up to date information prevalent to the industry, all for FREE! We are here to provide everyone with accurate and truthful information about Health, Fitness, and Wellness that the majority of other commercial sites are afraid to tell you…as in there is no “quick fix” to getting in truly healthy shape. It is a lifestyle change, and these Goal Specific, Long Term, Repeatable Workout Programs are a simple solution to help you personally reach your Health, Fitness, and Wellness Goals that are specific to YOU. A major problem isn’t one’s motivation to exercise, but it is being able to follow a trusted, true, scientifically correct exercise program that matches one’s individual and specific goals.

MidwestFit’s Premium Workout Programs are extremely well designed following top industry standards that can be easily utilized by both beginner and advanced weight trainers looking for a scientifically designed, step by step program to match their exact Health, Fitness, and Wellness Goals. These workout programs all include Premium Information related to Injury Prevention, Formulas to find a One Repetition Max, Exercise Pictures and Descriptions, and BRAND NEW Workouts that have never before been presented with the MidwestFit Daily workouts. These are fully designed, repeatable programs that are GUARANTEED to help you reach your fitness potential, if you follow the programs directly as stated and are willing to put in the hard work!

What are the differences between the Daily Workouts and The Premium

Premium Programs are hands down more legit when it comes to the aspects of long term design, the ability to complete the programs back to back (with a week of de-training in between), and the idea that the individual interested in training can specifically look at each separate set of Program Goals to ensure their personal goals match what we GUARANTEE the program will deliver.

The Premium Programs also have brand new exercises, new workouts, injury prevention guides, exercise pics and descriptions, program glossaries, and other information we do not reveal on the daily workouts. MidwestFit’s Premium Programs are no joke, top of the line products. You simply cannot find better, safer, accurate information and user friendly programs like ours anywhere on the market!


Official Total Body Fitness Program

(8 Weeks)

This is an intense, 8 week program focusing on Total Body Fitness. What do we mean by Total Body Fitness? Total Body Fitness is a culmination of training styles that effectively mixes strength training, endurance training, abs/core training, HIIT cardio training, and distance cardio training to turn you into a fitness freak!


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Official Strength Program

(6 Weeks)

This is a 6 week pure STRENGTH Training program developed and designed to increase TOTAL BODY STRENGTH for ALL Major Muscle Groups. It is an intense program developed for the use of both beginners and advanced weight lifters looking to increase overall strength.

Strength Program

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Official Abs/Core Finishers Program

(15 Finishers)

These are 15 awesome ab workouts you can either do on your own or add to the end of a workout. This will help you torch fat while building muscle to help get you the abs you have always wanted.


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Official At Home Workouts

(15 Body Weight Workouts)

Not everyone has the luxury of working out at a gym and those who do often travel or are in a hurry. The solution is often tough to come by. But at home workouts can help mend the problem. These at home workouts are awesome for anyone who is on the road staying in a hotel or just in a hurry and wanting something quick but EFFECTIVE they can get done from the comfort of their own home.


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40 Workout Finishers by Mike Whitfield, CTT

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Workout Finishers 2.0 by Mike Whitfield, CTT


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