Official Strength Program

Strength Program

Official Strength Program

(6 Weeks)


This is a 6 week program utilizing full body workouts for strength that is designed to increase TOTAL BODY STRENGTH for ALL Major Muscle Groups. This program was developed by our Co-Founder/Admin, ACSM Trained, Health and Fitness Specialist, and Purdue University Graduate in Health and Fitness. It is an intense program developed for the use of both beginners and advanced weight lifters looking to increase overall strength. It is applicable for both beginners and advanced weight lifters as the entire program is based around your personal Percent 1 Repetition Max per each exercise (which we show you an extremely easy formula to find your %1RM, without having to unsafely perform a one repetition max on your own). The program is also designed with High Intensity Cardiorespiratory Training to increase an individual’s V02Max (Maximal Oxygen Consumption to assist with weight training and cardio training) and Low Intensity Cardiorespiratory Training (to decrease Total Body Fat Percentage utilizing fat as a major fuel substrate).

Follow this short 6 week program and you will see an increase in muscular strength for every major muscle group, along with an increase in the amount of weight you are able to lift per exercise. You will also see an overall increase it total Cardiorespiratory performance, V02Max, and Cardiac Output, along with a decrease in total body fat percentage due to the combination of different styles of Cardiorespiratory training coupled with the weight training. This program also incorporates FULL Rest Days to take into account proper muscle/joint repair and recovery to allow for you to reach the fullest potential this program has to offer.

Program Goals:

  • Increase Total Body Muscular Strength
  • Increase Core Strength and Core Endurance
  • Increase Joint Strength and Stability in all major joint complexes with pure strength training
  • Increase Lactate Threshold to be able to push harder and longer on endurance events/training
  • Increase Overall Cardio and V02Max (Maximal Oxygen Consumption) for overall cardio upkeep to transition from this strength program to Endurance/Sport Specific Training, and to maintain desired weight
  • Increase Major Muscle Stabilizers to ensure proper muscle strengthening to allow for full development of major muscle groups and to reduce risk of muscle/joint injuries.
  • Minor Barbell Complex Training to improve form and technique on multi-planar lifts to target multiple muscle groups to work together to mimic real life/sport related movements and to upkeep muscular endurance.
  • Training for a Tough Mudder, GORUCK Challenge, Urbanathlon or anything similar? This program would be perfect. We know because we have done them, literally.
(NOTE: These reviews come directly from a survey of people who have purchased and used this specific program)

“Since completing the strength program I feel stronger, healthier, and more balanced. I gained lean muscle and broadened my overall fitness at both the base and peaks levels (1RM).”

“I was able to regain the strength I had lost over the years. I’m stronger now at 47 than I was as a college athlete.”

“Noticed a steady increase in strength each week. Lost 5lbs in 6 weeks. Would highly recommend following your site for the WOD’s and the strength program.”

“I got stronger – power movements, isolation exercises, all of it I got stronger. I also got faster in terms of sprinting speed.”

“I really liked the way the program was structured. It was challenging but seemed intuitive in the way it allowed for proper recovery. During the last 2 weeks of the Midwest Fit strength program I was frequently surprised by my strength and maintained an excellent feeling of well being. I know that it shows because I’ve had friends and coworkers ask what I do at the gym. Thanks.”

“Overall this was an easy to follow fitness program that allowed me to grow bigger, stronger and faster.”

“Great overall program going to run this program for twelve weeks next!! Good stuff keep up the good work.!”

“I have been following for almost two years. This strength program is by far the best routine they have put together. The program far exceeded my expectations, which were high to begin with. I am looking forward to future premium programs.”

“A great program for adding strength without adding too much mass.”

“The strength program was very good, it was easy to follow, informative and helped increase my functional strength as well as burn some excess fat.”


Sample Images from Program:

Program contains week-by-week and day-by-day workouts/descriptions for entire 6 weeks.
Program contains exercise descriptions and illustrations to help you understand how to perform each move properly and with perfect form.

 (NOTE: This product is a .PDF download and requires that you have Adobe Acrobat installed on your machine. Once you provide your billing information you will immediately be directed to a private page where you will be able to download the program. If for any reason you have any issues downloading the product please contact us IMMEDIATELY via e-mail at and we will respond promptly with assistance. Since this is an electronic document it is NON-REFUNDABLE. We will however provide any assistance we can if you need help. We truly stand by our products and honestly believe this is one of if not the best strength program you can buy.)

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