10/23/12-Tuesday-Tempo/Quick and Effective Cardio

Potential PT #1 – Run

Your running pace should be constant and difficult to maintain. It should not be impossible to reach the 20 minutes, but the point is to push yourself to run harder and faster than you normally would on a distance run. This is a great tool for increasing speed on future distance runs, boosting metabolism, burning calories, and working on lower body strength/endurance all in a short workout.

Stretch/Warm Up

Tempo Run – 20 Minutes or 2.75 miles


Potential PT #2 – Bike Tempo

Stretch/Warm Up

Bike 30 Minutes with Medium Resitance


Bike Sprint Training for 20-30 Minutes


Abs/Core: Circuit: 2 Rounds

1. Flutter Kicks – 1 Minute
2. Bosu with Twist – 1 Minute
3. Side Plank w/ Hip Raises – 30 seconds each side
4. Plank – 1 Minute
5. Stability Ball Toe Touches – 1 Minute
6. Flutter Kicks – 1 Minute
7. MB Twists – 1 Minute

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