Throwback workout!

Tear through this one.


5 Rounds of:

1. Dumbell Push Up Rows – 10 Pushups 5 Rows (each arm) Pushup with Row (Perform a Pushup, then row with right arm and reset, perform a pushup row with left arm and reset).
2. Sumo Squat with Dumbbell – 10 reps Sumo Squat (Notice the position of the feet, and I usually just hold the dumbbell close to my chest if that’s more comfortable).
3. Mountain Climbers (2 Counts) – 25 Mountain Climbers
4. Pullups (Any Grip) – 7
5. 8 Count Body Builders – 8 Total 8 Count Body Builders

Finish with Plank for a total of 3 minutes (Try to use a few sets as needed)


3 thoughts on “10/22/12-Monday-Total Body Endurance

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