Never Forget.

Please, before you head off to the gym today observe a moment of silence to remember all those lost on September 11, 2001 as well as those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in avenging the lives lost on that fateful that day.

Circuit 2 Rounds: Little to No Rest

1. Run 400 Meters (1/4 mile) – Record the amount of time taken to run
2. Wall Sit – Amount of time taken to run the 400 Meters

3. Burpees – 25 Reps – Record Time
4. Mountain Climbers – Amount of time taken to complete burpees

5. Run 800 Meters (1/2 mile) – Record time
6. Box Jumps – 18″ – For Speed (try to go quick on box jumps, jump until feet touch top of box then quickly hop back off)

7. Plank – 1:30
8. Flutter Kicks – 1:00
9. Crunches with Legs Up – 1:00

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